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Dr. Mennin’s research program focuses on understanding and treating anxiety and mood disorders utilizing an affect science perspective. He focuses on examining the (1) experimental and ecological delineation of behavioral and biological (neural and physiological) processes that contribute to emotion reactivity and dysregulation in chronic anxiety and co-occurring depression; (2) the development of an integrative, mechanism-based, emotion regulation treatment, which has demonstrated considerable preliminary efficacy, and (3) the examination of biobehavioral mechanisms of reactivity and dysregulation whose changes mediate long term symptomatic and functional outcome as a result of this intervention. Work in his lab utilizes experimental paradigms centered on presenting emotional stimuli and contexts to individuals with pathological chronic anxiety and depression while examining behavioral (i.e., subjective, task-based), psychophysiological (i.e., EEG/ERP, ECG, EMG, EGG), and neural (i.e., fMRI) indices. Recent research projects have focused on demonstrating physiological and neurobiological changes related to emotion processing and regulation, which mediate the clinical success of targeted interventions.

Representative Publications

  • Mennin, D. S., Fresco, D.M., Heimberg, R.G., & Ritter, M. (2015). An open trial of Emotion Regulation Therapy for generalized anxiety disorder and co-occurring depression. Depression & Anxiety, 32, 614-623.
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